Venture Café Tokyo Opening Night


Venture Café, which provides innovation and gathering from Boston, opens its first base in Asia in Tokyo. Let's celebrate the opening together on a magnificent night on 3/22 night! Come and feel free to come and visit us!
(Opening Night and Thursday Gathering, flagship program is Free Ticket (Free) Event.)

Venture Café Tokyo will open on 3/22. Please come visit us. Let's celebrate our opening together!

◼ ︎ ​​Day of Progress / Time Table

19: 00 ~ 19: 40 Presentation / Presentation
         Yasuhiro Yamakawa ( Executive Director of Venture · Cafe Tokyo) / Dr. Yasuhiro Yamakawa (Venture Café Tokyo)
19: 50 ~ 20: 30 Panel session / Panel DIscussion
         "Innovation in Tokyo / Tokyo "
         Mr. Takaaki Umezawa (AT Kearney Japan corporation chairman) /
         Takaaki Umezawa (AT Kearney)
         Yoshiaki Ishii (Ministry of economy, Trade and industry new business investigators) /
         Yoshiaki Ishii (Ministry Of economy, Trade And industry)
         Taro Kodama (Anchorstar founder & CEO /
         Taro Kodama (Anchorstar)
         Sachiko Wada (Taskaji Representative Director) / Sachiko Wada (Taskaji)
         Mr. Kyoko Nakajin (Representative of Bizjapan, University of Tokyo Faculty of Economics 2nd) /
         Kyoko Nakagami (Bizjapan) et al.
20: 30 ~ 21: 30 Networking / Net Working

◼︎ About Venture Café Tokyo

Venture Café is an organization aiming at creating innovation that encourages change in the world by connecting " venture companies, entrepreneurs, investors" through various programming events with "Connecting innovators to make things happen" as mission .
So far Venture Café is the world's largest class of innovation facility, a sister organization of the CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) and,
Five places in the world have played a central role in building innovation and ecosystems in each region .
Venture Café Tokyo is the global Inobeshi is the first base in Asia in tio down network.
◼ ︎ ​​Base:
Massachusetts Cambridge City and Boston City, Missouri St. Louis City, Missouri State St. Louis City, Rotterdam City, Florida Miami City, North Carolina State Winston-Salem City, Japan Tokyo, Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania State, USA (planned for 2018), wave Warsaw (Planned for 2018)
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Thu Mar 22, 2018
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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